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Over 50 years of experience in vibratory technology: We support you in finding the right solution for your application

High-quality materials and robust design, even for the most demanding requirements and continuous operation



    The VR air-mounted vibrators generate circular vibrations with low amplitudes and high frequencies. The centrifugal force and speed depend on the operating pressure and can be infinitely adjusted. Minimal maintenance and wear, as well as the bearingless design of the external vibrators, ensure reliable operation, especially under the highest loads and in continuous operation
    The VR 25 A and VR30 A types are equipped with a compressed air supply and exhaust hose (i.e. the escaping air is also discharged via a hose and does not escape directly from the vibrator housing into the environment). The A-type series is particularly suitable for dosing dry mortar or wet spraying systems. The operating temperature is: -10°C to + 80°C


    •     Extremely robust and reliable
    •     Minimal maintenance required
    •     Suitable for continuous operation
    •     Infinitely variable centrifugal force and speed control
    •     Also suitable for humid environments with exhaust air hose

    Technical Data

    typerotations: 1/mincentrifugal force: Nair consumption ( bei 6bar): m³/minweight: kg
    VR25 / VR25A*18.0004.5000,91,0
    VR30/ VR30A*12.0009.0001,03,5


    * VR 25A and VR 30A with additional exhaust air hose


    Technical Data