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Electronic frequency converters FR/FRS - High performance in continuous operation

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Electronic Frequency Converter FR/FRS


    BENEFITS - Electronic frequency converters FR/FRS

    The electronic FR frequency inverters are extremely lightweight frequency inverters that are designed for continuous operation and ensure maximum operational safety and user comfort.


    •     low weight
    •     low noise level
    •     high level of safety due to galvanically isolated output
    •     switch-off mechanism in the event of overload and immediate restart
    •     phase monitoring protection of the HJ internal vibrators
    •     automatic power control

    TECHNICAL DATA - Electronic frequency converters FR/FRS

    typeinput voltage Voutput voltage Voutput power kVAoutput current Asocketsweight kg
    FR 1,8230V / 50Hz42V / 50Hz1,8kVA25A216kg
    FR 2,5230V / 50Hz42V / 50Hz2,5kVA35A218kg
    FRS 2,5400V / 50Hz42V / 50Hz2,5kVA35A218kg
    FRS 3,6400V / 50Hz42V / 50Hz3,6kVA50A326kg
    FRS 5,3400V / 50Hz42V / 50Hz5,3kVA75A431kg
    FRS-R 5,3*400V / 50Hz42V / 50Hz5,3kVA75A631kg


    *with potentiometer and 2 group switches