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Vibrating Tables

Equipped with our powerful electric vibrators, they transmit rotary or vertical vibrations. Frequency and amplitude can be adjusted independently

Application Areas
•    compaction of concrete, powders or foundry sand in moulds
•    de-aeration of viscous media
•    compaction of loose bulk materials (e.g. in packaging such as boxes, sacks, big packs)
•    testing of electrical or mechanical components for vibration-resistance
•    cleaning/removal of adhering material (e.g. dirt particles)


Technical Data:
•    customized table plate sizes up to a maximum size of 1.2m x 1.2m
•    material options: steel or stainless steel
•    customized bore pattern or milled slots for mounting the loads
•    frequency adjustment via frequency converter from 20 Hz to max. 80 Hz
•    Adjustment of aplitude or centrifugal force manually by setting of the unbalanced weights of the vibration motor


Vibrating Tables



>> customized planning, construction and production

>> steel or stainless steel constructions

>> vibration parameters (frequency and amplitude) adjustable

>> linear/vertical or circular vibration