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Since 1973

Over 50 years of experience in vibratory technology: We support you in finding the right solution for your application

Customised production for your requirements

Vibrating table for crucible production

Vibrating table for concrete casting compound

Vibrating table below a roller conveyor



    Our vibrating tables transmit circular vibrations or vibrations in a vertical direction. The frequency and amplitude can be set independently of each other.


    •     Individually planned, designed and manufactured
    •     Steel or stainless steel constructions
    •     Vibration parameters (frequency or amplitude) adjustable
    •     Linear/vertical or circular vibration

    Fields of Application

    • Compacting concrete, powders or moulding sand
    • Deaerating viscous media
    • Levelling of pouring cones
    • Testing electronic components
    • Packaging tests
    • Shaking off dirt particles


    •     Customised table top size up to a maximum size of 1.2m x 1.2m
    •     Material options: Steel or stainless steel
    •     Customised drilling pattern or milled grooves for clamping loads
    •     Frequency adjustment with frequency converter between 20 Hz and a maximum of 80 Hz
    •     Vibration amplitude or centrifugal force adjustment manually by adjusting the unbalance discs of the vibration motors