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Customized Vibrating Tables

Since 1973

Over 50 years of experience in vibratory technology: We support you in finding the right solution for your application

Customised production for your requirements

Vibrating table for crucible production


Vibratory tables are relatively cost-effective vibration solutions. Their minimal maintenance requirements and long service life contribute to lower operating costs over the entire service life of the system.

Vibrating table for concrete casting compound


One of the main advantages of vibrating tables is their effectiveness in compacting and consolidating materials. Whether it is concrete, ceramics, plastics or foodstuffs, vibrating tables ensure a uniform density and eliminate air bubbles or cavities in the material.

Vibrating table below a roller conveyor


Vibratory tables accelerate production processes. Their ability to achieve the desired degree of compaction quickly and efficiently minimises the need for manual intervention, resulting in significant time savings and increased productivity.


    Benefits of our vibrating tables

    Vibratory tables are indispensable vibration solutions in various industries and offer a wide range of benefits. From improving compaction and consolidation to increasing productivity and the associated cost efficiency, vibrating tables play an important role in optimising manufacturing processes and improving the end product.

    Our vibrating tables transmit circular vibrations or vibrations in a vertical direction. The frequency and amplitude can be set independently of each other.


    •     Individually planned, designed and manufactured
    •     Steel or stainless steel constructions
    •     Vibration parameters (frequency or amplitude) adjustable
    •     Linear/vertical or circular vibration

    Fields of Application of our vibrating tables

    • Compacting concrete, powders or moulding sand
    • Deaerating viscous media
    • Levelling of pouring cones
    • Testing electronic components
    • Packaging tests
    • Shaking off dirt particles

    Features of our vibrating tables

    •     Customised table top size up to a maximum size of 1.2m x 1.2m
    •     Material options: Steel or stainless steel
    •     Customised drilling pattern or milled grooves for clamping loads
    •     Frequency adjustment with frequency converter between 20 Hz and a maximum of 80 Hz
    •     Vibration amplitude or centrifugal force adjustment manually by adjusting the unbalance discs of the vibration motors