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Turbine Vibrators MTT

Turbine vibrators generate non-directional vibrations with very low amplitudes and high frequencies. The centrifugal force generated is higher than with ball vibrators and the speeds generated are higher than with ball or roller vibrators.

As the MTT vibrators are operated with oil-free compressed air, they are also suitable for food processing and for emptying hoppers or improving the material flow in chutes.


  • explosion-proof ATEX II2G c TX
  • low weight
  • low air consumption
  • oil-free operation
  • very quiet
  • maintenance free


  • supporting the material flow
  • sieving and sorting
  • emptying containers
  • compacting powders
  • drive for chutes, sieves

Suitable for

  • dry powder
  • sugar
  • sodium
  • phosphate



 rotations upmcentrifugal force Nair consumption l/minweight kg
 2 bar4bar6bar2bar4bar6bar2bar4bar6bar 
MTT 824.00038.00042.0001.1002.0502.92045811100,25
MTT 1324.50028.50031.0002.0202.6303.0001222042850,57
MTT 1618.00020.00021.0001.9402.3902.6401222042850,58
MTT 2014.50019.00023.0002.5104.0405.2601843184521,09
MTT 2513.20015.50017.0002.4403.3605.0801843184521,12
MTT 3011.00012.50013.5003.5107.2107.8103225427492,20
MTT 368.50011.50012.0003.4106.9807.4903225427492,30