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Vibration motors - even for extreme requirements

Over 50 years of experience in vibratory technology: We support you in finding the right solution for your application

High-quality materials and robust design, even for the most demanding requirements and continuous operation

Large selection of powerful external vibrators with different speeds. Various operating voltages also available.

AC Vibration Motors

Experience the power and versatility of our vibratory motors. With different sizes and power ratings, our electric vibrators offer a wide range of applications: from cleaning and dosing to conveying, loosening, sorting and compacting. Operated with 230V/400V at 50 Hz, our vibrator motors run at 750-3000 rpm depending on the number of pole pairs. The vibration motors are robust and durable, even under extreme conditions such as moisture, heat or high mechanical loads. You can rely on the highest quality in vibration technology.

DC Vibration Motors

The vibration motor is ideal for mobile use, especially in harsh environments without mains voltage. With low-maintenance operation, it delivers even vibrations for efficient work processes. Perfectly suited for lorries such as concrete pumps, concrete mixers and gritting vehicles. The DC vibrator offers maximum centrifugal force adjustment in continuous operation. A reliable electric external vibrator that fulfils your requirements. Our DC vibration motors are available with 12V or 24V operating voltage.

Benefits - Of our Vibration Motors

"Made in Germany" for demanding vibration tasks under extreme working conditions, e.g. as discharge aids on silos, on conveyor chutes, under vibrating tables, on screening systems or for compacting bulk materials or moulding sand.  The powerful and robust unbalance motors transmit the sinusoidal vibration directly to the desired components via a fixed connection.


  •     robust, reliable and durable
  •     premium roller bearings and cylindrical roller bearings with increased load rating
  •     designed for 100% continuous operation at full unbalance setting (exception VE 6/2-8)
  •     low power consumption with high tightening torque
  •     shock-resistant protective covers
  •     variable centrifugal force adjustment


  • Conveying technology
  •  Process engineering
  •  Packaging industry
  •  Foundry industry
  •  Chemical industry
  •  Food industry
  •  Pharmaceutical industry


Field of Applications

  • Emptying,
  • conveying,
  • dosing,
  • compacting,
  • testing,
  • sieving,
  • loosening/loosening