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City Rail Karlsruhe | Germany

Construction Method: single sided walls, cut and cover method  - test pouring


Company: BeMo Tunnelling GmbH


Year: 2013 / 2014



A concrete trial block was constructed for the urban railroad in Karlsruhe to test the compaction depth of MOOSER formwork vibrators®.


The trial block had the dimension length x width 5m x 5m and a wall thickness of 1m.

The VR56K pneumatic Mooser formwork vibrators® were mounted on the formwork from one side only. The concrete was compacted exclusively with MOOSER external vibrators® (no additional use of internal vibrators).


Regarding the trial block two different Peri formwork types (Peri GT24 girders and Peri Trio ) were used to allow a decision to be made on the preferred formwork type for the later pouring sections on site.


The result of the trial block was impressive. Both wall sides, front side and back side, showed a perfect compacted concrete surface and drilling cores that had been made showed a very good compaction depth of the Mooser vibrators®.


Following the company BeMo decided to compact the future walls - among them stopover "Durlacher Tor" and some front walls with MOOSER formwork vibrators®.