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Scheibengipfeltunnel | Germany

Project: B312 Scheibengipfeltunnel OU Reutlingen, Germany

Construction Method: open cut method


Company: Max Bögl Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co.KG


Year: 2013 – 2014




The Scheibengipfeltunnel is a two-lane road tunnel on the outskirts of Reutlingen in Baden-Würtemberg, Germany. At 1910 meters, it passes under the Scheibengipfel between the district of Sondelfingen and the former Südbahnhof. In the portal sections, the tunnel, which is otherwise driven by mining, is being constructed by open cut method.

For the portal sections, the steel formwork carriage which was used for the mined tunnel was additonally equipped with a countering formwork. MOOSER formwork vibrators were mounted on the countering formwork with the help of the STA mounting clamp and formwork-specific Peri GT24 adapters. The vibrators were located up to the complete height of the countering formwork. Only at the ridge line which was open at the top the concrete was compacted by means of internal vibrators.

The main task of the Mooser external vibrators was to ensure that the concrete surface below the countering formwork has as few pores as possible. The rising air bubbles tend to stick to the inclined formwork skin. With help of the formwork vibrators, the air is mainly driven upwards on the formwork skin and the concrete is so optimally deaerated.