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Duct Construction | Hong Kong

Project: Wastwater Sewage Duct |  Hong Kong


Construction Method: mined construction


Company: Domesle Schalungs-und Metallbau GmbH


Year: 2012 – 2013



In Hong Kong, new wastewater sewers were driven in the bedrock under Hong Kong. A very liquid concrete was installed in the tunnels, so that MOOSER formwork vibrators® were only required in the vaults to compact and distribute the concrete. The vibrators were fastened directly onto the steel frame of the formwork by means of weld-on plates and were thus able to optimally tranfer their vibrating energy to the concrete.

The MOOSER vibrators® were put into operation via a central air distributor for each formwork. Even under the cramped working conditions of the sewer construction site, excellently compacted concrete surfaces were achieved - an important criterion for the required long service life of the wastewater tunnels.