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Concrete Compaction is our Area of exptertise.

The different concrete consistencies always mean new challenges for every construction site and place special demands on compaction. We have therefore made it our business to provide our customers with comprehensive advice on the use of the vibration solutions we have developed, paying particular attention to concrete as a versatile and technological building material.


Cut and cover construction and mining construction methods usually require the use of external vibrators. In cut-and-cover construction, they are used whenever high walls or exposed concrete walls are poured.


The inclined walls of box girder bridges are often equipped with formwork vibrators. Particularly important is the compaction at the transition from the invert to the wall, and the compaction around the tensioning strands.


Challenges to concrete compaction are posed by very high walls, reinforced walls or required fair-faced concrete quality. Therefore, it is important to bring the spreading size, particle sizes, vibration heights and vibrators to a match.

Compacting and Smoothening Concrete Floors

Vibratory screeds are very often used in the production of concrete floors. They transfer their vibrations to the concrete, thus smoothing and compacting it. We manufacture profile vibrating screeds individually for the required radii and lengths.