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Pneumatic Vibrators for Directional Vibration

These pneumatic vibrators generate directional, low frequent vibrations with high amplitudes. Our product range contains linear vibrators with frequencies of 1200 min-1 to 6672 min-1. According to the function of the vibrator, vibrations can generate impulses, resulting in a knocking effect with high impact forces. 

Linear vibrators are used for emptying containers, or to compact, to loosen or to sieve bulk material.


Piston vibrators MKK

MKK piston vibrators generate low frequent vibrations with high amplitudes. They are light and compact and can operate mounted in any position. The pneumatic operation makes the start and stop functions instantaneous.

Impact vibrators MKP

MKP piston vibrators are characterized by a high impact force. This means high peaks of acceleration comparable to the stroke of a hammerThey are particularly suitable for knocking off crusts of adherent material and for avoiding bridging of bulk material.  


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