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Products for Industry

Thanks to our wide range of vibrators we can deliver individual well-fitting solutions and customer specific items for manifold areas of application. We, ourselves, place high demands on the reliability, performance and quality of our products and thereby guarantee smooth production processes for our customers.


Vibrating tables

vibrating tables are used to compact, to level, to loosen and to distribute gravel or to test components. The equipment depends on the customer requirements and the attributes of the load. All vibrating tables can optionally generate circular or directional vibration over determined frequency ranges and accelerations. Standard sizes are available up to a size with length x width: 1200mm x 1200mm. 

Vibration motors

vibration motors work for several industrial areas in order to convey, to sieve, to compact or to test. Either circular or directional vibration is generated by different arrangement of the vibrators. We deliver vibration motors with 3000 min-1 , 1500 min-1 , 1000 min-1 , 750 min-1 .

Pneumatic ball, roller or turbine vibrators

Pneumatic vibrators are mainly used for explosion protected fields of application. They represent a cheap alternative to electric vibration motors. Thanks to their light weight and small size, they can also be mounted under conditions where little space is available.

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