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Wastwater Tunnel Hong Kong

project:  wastewater tunnel Hong Kong

construction method: bored tunnel, filled gallery

company: Domesle Schalungs-und Metallbau GmbH

year: 2012-2013


In Hong Kong new wastewater ducts were excavated in the solid rock below the city. The company Domesle Schalungs- und Metallbau GmbH had manufactured steel formwork systems for the floors and the arches of the ducts, which were secured by shotcrete, in order to pour the profile in a hydraulic ideal form of an egg. For concrete pouring a very liquid concrete consistency was used, so that the use of formwork vibrators was only necessary for the concrete compaction of the vault area. The vibrators were mounted onto plates, which were welded directly onto the steel beams of the formwork. Thus the vibrators were able to transmit their vibrating energy most effective to the concrete behind the formwork skin. The vibrators were operated via a central air distributor for each formwork, so that one single person could operate all vibrators at the same time. However only a maximum of two vibrator pairs should be operated simultaneously – only at those positions where concrete is being poured. Concrete compaction resulted in excellent concrete surfaces without blow holes– an important criteria for maximum life-time of the wastewater ducts.

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