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Tunnel Scheibengipfel

construction method: construction of tunnel portal, 

company: Max Bögl Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co.KG

year: 2013 - 2014


Tunnel "Scheibengipfel" is a two-lane road tunnel close to Reutlingen in Baden-Würtemberg. It crosses below the "Scheinbengipfel", a 1910m high hill between the urban district Sondelfingen and the former south railway station. In the area of the tunnel portals, the bored tunnel is extended by an open-cut construction method.

The steel formwork of the bored tunnel, was equipped by a countering formwork on Peri Vario basis with GT24 girders. Onto the countering formwork, Mooser external vibrators with STA mounting clamp and specific adaptors for GT24 adaptors were used for concrete compaction. The vibrators were mounted up to the complete height of the countering formwork. Just at the open top of the formwork, internal vibrators could be used for concrete compaction.

The main work of the vibrators was to provide an excellent concrete surface without pores below the countering formwork. Rising air, tends to accumulate onto inclined formwork panels. By use of external vibrators and their vibrating energy, the air at the formwork panels is mostely driven up to the top of the construction and the concrete is de-aerated to an optimum.


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