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S10 Tunnel Neumarkt (A)

construcion method: open cut construction method with two formwork carriages -  partly with formwork for center wall in advance 

company: HOCHTIEF Construction Austria GmbH & Co KG

year: 2013 - 2014


The S10 highway leads from Unterweitersdorf via Freistadt to the Czech frontier. This road was straightened and widened up to four lanes. After the completion, the S10 road was named"A7 Mühlkreis highway". For the construction subproject "Tunnel Neumarkt project 2.2" the already existing tunnel Neumarkt was extended to the north by two additional lanes for each direction.

For concrete compaction, two Doka formwork carriages, based on H20 wooden girders, were equipped with Mooser formwork vibrators. The first formwork carriage was positioned close to an existing center wall. Therfore it was sufficient to only equip one half of the formwork with external vibrators. During further construction process, this formwork carriage was connected with an additional center wall formwork. Another formwork carriage was necessary to finish the twin tunnel cross-section. These formwork systems were fully equipped with external vibrators. The vibrators were operated via central air-distributors, which were controlled by one single person.

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