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Reservoir Vienna Simmering


construction method:  inclined walls for a reservoir (45° inclination) 

company: Porr AG / Strabag AG

year: 2014


The reservoir in Vienna Simmering is situated topographically at the deepest point in Vienna Simmering, and serves to store rainwater in case of intense rainfall and to divert it in direction of the wastewater treatment plant EBS Wien. The reservoir with a length of 90m, a width of 45m and a depth of 7m has a capacity of 28,5 millions of liters. In combination with the outfall sewers, the total capacity actually contains 34,0 millions of liters. 

In order to pour the 45° inclined walls of the reservoir a Meva Mammut formwork was used. Concerning the concrete compaction it was very important to minimize the blow holes beneath the inclined formwork panels. For this reason Mooser pneumatic external vibrators were mounted and were operated onto the Mammut formwork elements. Thanks to the vibration, caused by the vibrators the blow holes could be reduced. The vibrators were relocated in height according to the pouring process.

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