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Overhaul Watergate Kachlet


construction method: very high, single-faced walls 

company: Felbermayr Bau GmbH & Co KG

year: 2013 / 2014


In the year 2014 – after nearly 90 years of age - the complete renovation and overhaul of the two gate chambers with an effective length of 226m and a width of 24m started.  In advance to the actual concrete works, the contractor company Felbermayr Bau GmbH & Co KG tested several concrete recipes and poured a test block with a length and a height of 5m and a thickness of 70 cm. The dimensions of the test block corresponded to the dimensions of the later facing formwork. Besides the test of different formwork skins, it was investigated whether internal vibrators exclusively or external vibrators in addition, should be used for the concrete compaction. For testing purpose the base area of the test block was compacted by use of Mooser external vibrators only, whereas the top area of the test block was exclusively compacted by use of internal vibrators. An investigation of drill cores, taken at the base area of the test block, showed that single faced walls with a thickness of 70cm could be perfectly compacted by help of these pneumatic formwork vibrators. For the concrete compaction of the 14m high and 22m long chamber walls the company Mooser delivered also internal vibrators with special hose lengths of 14m and the related frequency converters for operating the total amount of 30 pcs of internal vibrators. In the area around the new bollards, internal vibrators could not be used due to the high amount of reinforcement. Therefore two rows of pneumatic external vibrators were mounted onto the wall formwork in this area and were relocated according to the pouring process up heights of 6-7m.

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