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roof structure Kaulbachstrasse Munich


construction method: Modification of a roof structure with in-situ-concrete and panel framework

company:  R.Leitner GmbH & Co.Bauunternehmung KG

year: 2014



Within the renovation and modernization of a building in the Kaulbachstreet in Munich a new roof structure was built with in-situ-concrete. The roof structure stretched out over two floors and included two different roof inclinations. In order to minimize pores and shrinkholes in the concrete below the formwork skin, it was decided to use Mooser pneumatic external vibrators for the concrete compaction. The vibrators were screwed onto an adjustable Framax clamp, which could be mounted directly onto the formwork joints of the Framax Formwork System. With help of the adjustable Framax clamp it was possible to mount the vibrators also at formwork joints with filler timber in between.  As a result for the undercut formwork wall sections a concrete surface almost free of pores was achieved by using a concrete slump of only 140 mm.

At another project of the construction company Leitner, Mooser electric external vibrators were used to compact the concrete of basement walls, which were situated in front of drilled piles. These electric vibrators can be connected directly at the standard power supply with a voltage of 230V, thus being immediately ready for use without any accessory material. 

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