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Water Power Station Lehen (A)


construction method: construction of the intake structure and the suction hose to the turbine

company:  G. Hinteregger & Söhne GmbH, Porr Technobau und Umwelt AG, Teerag-Asdag AG

year: 2012


At the water power plant of the river Lauf in Lehen near Salzburg, Mooser pneumatic external vibrators were used onto a Doka formwork system for the concrete compaction of the intake structure and the suction hose to the turbines.

In the area of the suction hose, the cross section is narrowed from a rectangular profile to a circular profile, in order to gain optimal flow against the turbines. 

In a complex transition zone, the formwork was constructed with accurately fitting cleats and H20 formwork beams. Vibrators were mounted only at the H20 girders and had to transmit the vibrating energy via the thick cleats (wall thickness up to 1.20m) to the formwork skin. 

Results of concrete compaction after striking of the formwork and a concrete surface without pores perfectly met the quality demands.


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