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Railway Underpass Warisloh


construction method:  cut and cover construction method 

company: Max Aicher Bau GmbH & Co. KG

year: 2013


Mooser pneumatic external vibrators, which were mounted onto a Peri Trio formwork system, were used for the concrete compaction of the railway underpass in Warisloh. The concrete pouring had to be carried out in parts below a finished concrete ceiling. Internal vibrators could not be used for concrete compaction at these positions. The external vibrators were mounted onto the BFD mounting clamp, a specially modified BFD clamp. This clamp could be easily mounted at the location holes for the installation of the scaffolding at the horizontal girders of the formwork. The vibrators were mounted on both sides of the wall formwork, due to the wall thickness of 80 cm.

The vibrators were arranged in two horizontal rows along the formwork length. Each row was relocated in height, according to the pouring process. The light weight of approx. 11 kg of the unit (vibrator + clamp) and the easy mounting of the clamping system enables a quick relocation and several mounting possibilities for any required position. Thanks to the permanent joint of the vibrators at the formwork girders and close to the formwork panel, the loss of vibrating energy is minimized and the impact of vibrating energy to the concrete for an excellent concrete compaction is increased.

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