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Botlek Bridge Netherlands



companies: Ed Züblin AG /Dywidag Bau GmbH / Ballast Nedam Infra B.V 

year: 2013-2014


The Botlek Bridge in Netherlands will be used for car, railway and local traffic. It is designed as a balanced lifting bridge and it will connect the cities Vaanplein and Maasvlakte. It is located close to the highway A15 Rotterdam. The bridge with a width of 48m is one of the widest lifting bridges world-wide.  The lifting process, in order to open the gate of the Rotterdam port to a headway height of 48m, takes only 90 seconds, using the balance of the counterweights and the bridge lanes.

Mooser formwork vibrators were used for the concrete compaction of all inclined walls of the box girder. After successfully testing the compaction influence of the formwork vibrators, it was decided to equip the formwork along its length (75m) with one row of vibrators. The formwork vibrators were mounted onto the STA universal clamp with formwork specific Peri GT24 adaptors and were relocated in height accordig to the concrete pouring process.

Thanks to the pneumatic vibrators it was possible to achieve a very good concrete covering of the tensioning cords in spite of the high amount of reinforcement.

The vibrators were also used for the concrete compaction of the inclined walls of the bridge approach as well as for the highly reinforced counterweights for the bridge balance.

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