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Vibrating Tables

We are producing vibrating tables for a wide variety of applications, typically for the compaction of concrete but especially for the examination of fresh concrete attributes (air content, slump, fresh concrete density) either in the laboratory or in the plant. Testing for concrete consistency entails filling a steel mould with concrete to form a cube and then placing it onto a vibrating table for compaction. In doing so, we make every effort to follow individual customer requirements. 

We therefore provide the option of controlling the frequency of the tables in a ´step-less´ manner with the moulds fastened securely onto the table plate. A positively secured connection between table plate and moulds (e.g. by the use of magnets) provides the best solution for product quality and working conditions. Vibrations are uniformly transmitted via the plate to the concrete cubes. During the compacting process, since the moulds do not have to be held on the table manually, no harmful hand/arm vibrations can be transmitted to staff members. Also, any bounce of moulds on the table plate and usually predominant noise emissions are reduced. (Corresponding vibrating tables already have been delivered, e.g. 2009 to the University of Neubiberg /Munich s. reference)

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