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Internal Vibrators

At  construction sites, internal vibrators, which are often also called poker vibrators and are easy to handle, are the standard devices for concrete compaction. Thanks to their direct immersion into the fresh concrete, they provide a lossless transmission of vibrating energy and excellent concrete compaction, even for stiff concrete consistencies. They are deliverable in different types: Default high frequency internal vibrators for connection to external frequency converters or internal vibrators with integrated converters. As an alternative to the electric internal vibrators, pneumatic internal vibrators connecting to an air-compressor are frequently used as a viable option.

Electric internal vibrators with integrated converter

The robust electric internal vibrators with integrated converter are suitable for direct connection to the AC 230V 50/60 Hz. They have a sealed electronics with a safety protection system and RCD function.

High frequency internal vibrators

From HJ50, our high frequency internal vibrators are equipped by default with four SKF bearings, which guarantee stable rotation with maximum operating time and reliability. Our high frequency internal vibrators can be connected to all commercial frequency converters, taking into consideration their power consumption.

Pneumatic internal vibrators

The pneumatic vibrators are started up by simply striking their body housing with a rubber mallet which activates the blade and initiates operation. Since these vibrators are pneumatically operated with a robust constructive design, they do not have the bearings and acceleration time associated with the motor driven units. This results in lower maintenance requirements and maximized life-span.

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