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Products for the Construction Sector

High reliability and power levels are the essential criteria for equipment components to guarantee a smooth construction process. We place great emphasis on the quality of our products and we are committed to providing our customers wit the optimum experience for concrete compaction needs.




 External Vibrators

External vibrators are mounted onto the formwork in order to transmit the vibration via the formwork skin to the concrete. They are used in all locations, where the operation of internal vibrators is not possible, typically for tunnel constructions, for high and thin wall constructions, in cases where a huge amount of reinforcement is required and for cut-outs and cases of exposed concrete requirements.

 Internal Vibrators

Internal vibrators are the standard vibrators for concrete compaction. Long operating times at the construction site require high quality poker vibrators which are maintenance free and both water and dirt resistant.


 Voltage- , Frequency Converter

Frequency converters and voltage converters serve as power supplies for internal vibrators and vibration motors. The line voltage of 230V 50/60Hz or 3x 400V 50/60Hz is transformed in a protective voltage of 3x42V 200 Hz.

AAC Vibration Unit

Frequency regulated internal vibrators of this unit support the creation of high quality AAC concrete. Standard units contain 4, 8 or 12 internal vibrators.

 Vibrating Beams

Concrete floors of tunnels, bridges or halls are finished and compacted with the help of vibrating beams. The construction of tunnel floors frequently requires individual manufacturing due to different tunnel radii.

Vibrating Tables

For construction, vibrating tables are mainly used for the compaction of concrete cubes. We manufacture them individually, according to the customer requirements.


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