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Partner of Construction

For more than 40 years...

The formation of the company started with the idea to develop a light and robust external vibrator for the compaction of concrete, which does not stress the formwork system. First productions, experiments and measurements were carried out in cooperation with the technical university of Munich. At numerous metro construction sites of Munich e.g. Marienplatz, Lehel, Odeonsplatz, Stachus, Fürstenried, Großhadern the vibrators had been already successfully in use at that time.


we have been on-site...

The application was accompanied by our advisory service and support on site, so that we could gain a lot of experience and know-how in the use of the vibrators and the concrete technology.


with innovative solutions...

Numerous patents were granted and innovative solutions for the concrete compaction were puzzled out, so that the product portfolio could be expanded continuously.


and highest quality for supreme customer satisfaction.  

Thanks to the confidence of our customers it soon was possible to introduce our formwork vibrators for the concrete compaction abroad. The concrete compaction of Oeresundtunnel below sea level between Denmark and Sweden is regarded as outstanding project and milestone of the company history till this day. Tunnel segments with a concrete volume of  2700m³ for each concreting cycle had been poured monolithic ashore and had afterwards been floated into position and sunk.


We are continuously improving our skills and products...

Since the formation of the company the concrete recipes changed a lot towards more fluid and compressible concrete consistencies. Fair faced concrete sets the trend for modern architects.  We meet the new challenges of compaction technique with dedication:  by the use of of our advisory service we adapted and expanded our experience and know-how. Cooperations with universities allow us to test and realize our ideas.


for our customers all over the world

Meanwhile we take it for granted to deliver products for projects worldwide. In doing so we do not make any difference between our customers or projects.

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